Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fata Hiva day 2

I must have sounded depressed with the last update. I was not really. The "Puddle Jumpers" group wanted a compiled list of most of the info I sent, how much/long were things, what broke/didn't, what was good/bad all for an article in the magazine "Latitude 38", and to share with the Puddle Jumpers of 2008.

It is beautiful here. Tall, sharp mountains and cliffs all very green. It is a volcanic island, so lots of volcanic rock, pillars and such but old enough that there are trees, palms and grasses everywhere. Bread fruit trees, but it is not in season so I don't get to taste it yet. They are supposed to have giant great fruit, but we didn't see any of them either.

There are about 650 people living here in 2 towns. We are at the smaller town. We walked quite a way up the hill and met several people. There was a store, kinda like the Mexican tiendas, just a small room with the things for sale that come by barge once or twice a week. Eggs are $1 each egg, but he closed before we got back to buy some... He said tomorrow, but then today is Sunday and he said "Oh, tomorrow I'll be open". He was only 2 houses away from the store. They seem fairly well off and not
hungry for American dollars, or Euros, for that matter.

There are 18 boats here. One lady was quite impressed that there are 2 boats each from Switzerland and Austria, which have no ocean front! Several French, German, a Japanese, Dutch, and 3 American boats. No Canadians today, I am surprised.

Trinda traded a couple pair dollar store earrings for a stalk of bananas, a dozen large mandarin oranges, a dozen limes and a coconut. We are not sure whether the bananas are plantainas that have to be cooked, or the chaqita one that you just eat.

Then we traded a 6-pac of Mexican beer for a full half set of pork ribs, although it was a small pig. They will make pasole later.

We are leaving for Tahuata tomorrow morning, early, maybe 5:00 AM. But that is 7:30 AM in Seattle. We are GMT - 9.5 hours. We are to meet Peter and Ginger on "Marcy" for supper and snorkeling before they leave for the Tuamotus. It should be about a 9 hour sail if things go OK.

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