Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some New Windows In

We got the new safety glass cut to size and I finally found the super caulking for them. This is "SikaFlex 255 Extra" also known as "Automobile Windshield Adhesive". It wasn't expensive, just hard to find for sale. I had to argue with the local Toyota Paint & Body shop to get them to tell me their supplier.

So these are the starboard windows in , but not yet cleaned up and painted.

These are the port windows with the epoxy filler and wood reseal, reshaped ready for the new windows. No more leaks! Or else!
Of course I bought one less tube of the magic stuff than we need, so off to town in the morning to get one more. And other stuff, it never seems to end.

Louie has just finished the top coat on the whit and masked the teak getting ready to spray the varnish on.

An update on Trinda, its not ALL about the boat... Well anyway she had a mosquitoe bite that wasn't healing. She kept scratching it and it started bleeding a lot. Finally it got Big, larger than a pencil eraser. She went to the local doc and found out it was an infected mole and he cut it out. A little scary but she seems OK. Antibiotics and pain killers for a week or so. Back to change dressing tomorrow evening and the stitches out next week. He cut out more than a marble size chunk.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I was thinking of an update, but then I have no new photos. But I guess I could just type. Ha ha!
So, things are going along. Maybe I was a little premature in giving a months notice to the apartment. Oops! I don't think we'll be ready to move back next Sunday like planned. There is no new varnish inside yet. And no white paint except inside the lockers. All the windows are out, waiting to pickup new glass next Saturday.

I almost finished plumbing the fuel tanks today. I've had a 3-way valve for them in the parts bench for maybe 6 years. About time! The new battery box has the paint drying and will be in Monday.

Finally they started stripping the varnish in the back bedroom. Trinda's requirement was "no paint fumes in the bedroom or I'm not moving back yet". But I don't think they qare moving fast enough.

Didi, a Swiss guy, bought a 'project boat' next to us. He needs a crane to lift it out and onto stands so he can re-work the bottom (and more). I plan to share his crane to put the masts back. That may be scheduled next week, which would also interrupt us for a day also. I will have to see about extending the apartment or find another place to camp-out a couple weeks! (good thing Trinda doesn't read the blog!)

Trinda is off on an all-day bus trip with her friend Lisa today. Her mother live about 50 miles south of here, two one hour bus rides each way. Her mother is keeping two of her daughters to attend school there. They went to see about buying the school uniform. The school year in the Philippines runs from June to March.

Also the replacement debit and credit cards came finally. I'm back in the money, except, Ohh, no money in the bank to need a debit card for!! Feeling broke, though only $16000 for almost 3 months of 5 -7 guys and lots of epoxy and paint. I keep hoping we're nearly done!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Guys

This is Michael laminating some 'nara' wood strips for the mounting plates for the new LED light fixtures. It comes in a lighter color and a reder color but the grain is not very pronounced. So I suggested we alternate the strips, light and red to give a little more interest to the desk tops and maybe we'll match the light fixtures.

This is the first test run at the mount.

Louie has been doing lots of painting. 2 coats of epoxy primer then a topcoat of linear polyurethane, all brilliant white. These are the boards under the aft birth.

Rico is sanding and varnishing the teak that has been removed from the boat. Here he is putting sanding sealer on the nara laminate for the desk up by the V-birth.

Temy is the carpenter. After fitting all the new homemade gelcoat/fiberglass ceiling panels, he is putting teak quarter-rounds around the edges to hold them up. We will have to take them back down to install the new light wiring and finish painting the white interior. He is sitting in the V-birth. The white is finished here but the teak is not re-varnished yet.

The Galley. The old marble top and sink are ready to go back, but I am trying to re-plumb the fresh water system before gluing the top over to make it harder to reach.

The old settee fuel tank is cleaned and painted with zinc-chromate primer/rust preventative but not screwed down yet. We had to take out the battery box, so a new one will be shaped for easier access to the remaining storage here.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dry Dock, Danao

This is Trinda's friend Lisa house, far left. Her inlaws were fishermen when the boat still floated. Now they mostly do boat work for other locals who come to the area to repaint the bottom and such.Her mother-in-law lives in the center one.
This is the view from Zeke's restaurant in the other boatyard. Our boat is in Pepe's yard at the far end. You can almost see our dinghy tied to the back of the boat in front of the last boat to the right.

Some days it is a bit tough getting up the ramp to the boat. I told the kids it had rained too much and the ocean was about to run over! Also note that with everything out of the boat to paint and work, we can see where the water line was supposed to be!

Yes, the ramps are split bamboo over bamboo poles.
Things are going OK. I gave notice to the apartment, June 26 we move back to the boat.....or something??

I hope it is livable by then. All the rot is replaced and has at least one coat of paint. Lots has the 2 epoxy primers and the linear polyurethane topcoat. Some has the new varnish, but not much. The last major effort is to take out the ports and windows and re-seal the deck around them and put them back.