Sunday, April 8, 2007

Day 7 Happy Easter!

114 Miles today for 783 at 10AM Central time at 14 13N 114 14W

The Easter bunny found Donnie and me. I suspect Trinda helped, that's why she didn't get a basket too. They were plastic disposable bowls with a ribbon handle and green material inside. We have some Cadbury chocolate cream eggs with the whit cream and yellow spot that make it like an egg. We are coloring the eggs Trinda boiled yesterday too. The pictures will not make the web for quite some time, but they do exist.

Auto steered fine all afternoon and evening, the about 2AM the wind changed and it couldn't hold the course. We were too tired to figure out the sails and the batteries were low, so we motored for 4 hours. I thought we could get some quality sleep, but no, without the sails up it flopped back and forth so much that I am tired-er than if I sat up! This morning, running straight down wind wing-n'wing, it is holding course just fine.

We have been seeing lots of flying fish lately. Sometimes whole schools (or flocks, do they change when they are in the air??) leap from the water and fly as far as 50 yards in one flight. Occasionally they even turn in the air.

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