Saturday, April 7, 2007

Day 6

Only 90 miles today for 669 at 14 41N 112 28W

We celebrated all the work with steaks. When we had the hamburgers, the wind kept the grill too cold to cook. This time it did OK. We had some scallions that weren't quite gone so I grilled them too.

The new steering oar did not work as well as I thought. any time we got over 5.5 knots, it tripped up. We decided on several things, to replace the tiller pilot with the spare new one, to re-shape the 1x6 to look a little more streamlined and smoother. As we were finishing the re-assembly, we noticed the "Main nut" was loose. Maybe the whole problem! Ha! Murphy strikes again.

This seems to have helped so far. It has not tripped up for about 5 hours, although we haven't gotten much over 6 knots during that time. We still have the new remote control for the auto pilot to install. Maybe tomorrow.

Still no fish! We changed lures to a silver spoon, but nobody likes it either.

Tomorrows Easter. I think Trinda is planning on boiling some eggs.

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