Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rock Islands

We are planning to take a few days anchored out at the Rock Islands. It is kind of a park about 5 miles out of the marina here. There will be NO e-mail from there.

Still no resolution on the ticket for 'parking the boat on the reef' for the afternoon. Maybe when we get back. Another boater did it worse than us and forced them to hurry and decide. He paid $200. We are still hoping for less.

We got a rat on board last night. We had gone shopping for more vegetables for the 8 days out and left an ear of corn on the settee. This morning half of it had been eaten!!! Must be a big rat! I borrowed a live trap from the marina and am buying some 'glue boards' to put around. They seem to be really bad here!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Palau - first day

We arrived in Palau at 11:00 Jan 6 here. No wind, we motored all the way, 48 hours exactly.

It is a big real island with a coral reef outside, and lots of little islands inside the reef too. The islands here are all limestone and the sea is eroding them away, so every one is a mushroom shape. I hope to get photos soon.

Trinda is still a little sick. We both ate something that didn't agree the day before we left Yap.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Computer Problems

Been having more problems with the computers! Arg!! One has a bad keyboard still, but it is worse as it will no longer let you type even on an external keyboard. The other, the new netbook, has decided to overheat the display chip so I get 5 minutes before I can no longer see the screen!

I am trying to send this note from the 'movie machine'.

I cleaned the bottom today in prep for leaving Yap for Palau tomorrow. Trinda is having a bout of Montezuma's Revenge but I hope we will indeed be leaving. It is 250 miles so should be only a coupe of nights. Denny left this morning.

We had a nice Christmas with Juliano's family and a nice New Year's Day too. He is bringing something from his wife in the morning.