Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 15

147 miles for 1765 at 07 45N 127 35W

No more fish, but a few bites.

We sailed due west for the last few days because of the wind direction and the inability of auto to deal with the correct direction. It keeps getting over-powered when just a little off course to windward. We had up to 29 knots of wind during the night. We have a large sewll from the wind too, maybe 10 feet, but not too steep. Auto got lost only about 6 times. We turned south at the end of the day. Just a few minutes ago.

Donnie and I worked over the whisker pole all afternoon. It is in much better shape now. It had some screws wearing out and such.

We are the only boat that left Zihuatanejo together that has not crossed the equator. Three are there anchored and one is about 6 days ahead of us. They all were 10 days ahead.

Trinda is making cornmeal flapjacks for breakfast.

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