Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day 23

119 miles for 2547 at 02 33S x 133 58W 550 miles to go

I made an apricot cobbler and we ate it. Donnie tried it too even though I had to use wheat flour and he is still allegoric.

We have motor sailed off and on all day. That's where you put the sails up and then run the motor fast enough that they look full. Gives the impression you know how to sail! Ha!

Actually, with 5 knots of wind we can sail about 1 knot, but with the motor running in gear at a fast idle, 1600 rpm, we get 5 - 6 knots. Worth the fuel as I probably get .5 gallons per hour at 1600 rpm. About 6 PM the wind came up again. And continued through the night! It is only 9 -12 knots, but we are averaging 6 knots all night. Flat seas, it is real nice. Maybe the toast to King Neptune was worth it.

Trinda sewed some more on the dodger canvas. While the boat was in storage, a tarp rubbed on the edge and wore through in one place. She is putting a patch on that place.

Donnie has discovered the invincible Dirk Pitt from the Clive Cussler novels. He has finished 2 and working on another.

Need I say yet again, No Fish???

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