Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tahauta Day 2

We moved successfully 45 miles north, from Fata Hiva to Tahuata.
We had a real nice dinner with the folks on Marcy. Bread fruit French fries, pepper jelly w/cream cheese, steak, pork chops, cabbage/rice sauté, kava fruit, coconut, wine, brownies, banana bread and port wine desert. And lots of nice stories. You meet someone, then 3000 miles later, across a whole ocean and there they are again!

It has been great so far. We intend to spend at least a couple weeks here in the Marquesas. Then on to some of the southern Tuamotu's. I haven't decided which one really as of yet.

Every thing here is fine with us. No new failures, HA! not much repaired either. We have a parts order supposedly coming via PSY , but I haven't given them a destination yet. Not much, just blocks for the wind vane, GPS antenna and Genoa track slides.

We have had our first experience trading with the natives and trying to figure out how to eat what we got back with. Kava fruit, great fruit and bread fruit so far, and oh yes , LOTS of bananas. I may turn yellow if I eat them fast enough that they don't spoil.

I understand the I will be able to access the internet when we get to Nuka Hiva. I hope to be able to upload the pictures for the stories then too.

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