Saturday, April 14, 2007

Day 13

149 miles for 1475 at 08 51N 123 05W

Not much doing today either. I ran the generator/water maker. I pumped the second tank full again then made enough water to almost fill the first tank, so we have about 200 gallons again. We have used about 150 gallons in 13 days! This was the third time to make water and charge the batteries.

5:00PM: We just got our first rain since we left San Carlos, sometime before last Nov. It was not enough to was the boat, but got the decks all wet. Auto is working and the wind has been nice, 10-15 knots, so making 5 to 6 most of the time.

8:00AM Rained again, really just a sprinkle.

We haven't really changed any sail setting for 48 hours. Talk about a long tack! We should soon though as we are going almost due west and need to cross the equator about 130W. So we need to be going about 220 instead of 270. Maybe some time today.

A little reading and a little sudoku and sleeping. The rest of the time is cooking, eating and cleaning up. I just made a pan of "Jim Williamson biscuits. They should be ready in 30 minutes.

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