Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Day 9 sucked

63 miserable miles for 962 at 12 23N 116 16W

Well after spending all morning trying to figure out how to balance the sails, about noon, I decide we should just turn Auto on while we eat lunch and ..... It won't hold a course at all. I look back to the back to see if it has tripped up again, and THERE'S NOTHIN' THAR!!! The new oar we made from the sideboard has broken off! So it's back to the drawing board again. This time I find a piece of nice plywood(Trinda's sewing table) that we keep under the mattress of the front bunk. About 5 we have
it made again. In the water to test. No!! It still won't steer. I doesn't even try.

Finally so disgusted! I hand steer half of my watch then we heave too and just sit there for the night. Just pull in all the sails, set the radar alarm and we all went to bed. It was purty rocky and rolly, but we did get some sleep. This morning we went through the whole system and found 2 more of the turning blocks were bad. The bearings were gone or flat.

No fish. Maybe there aren't any here!

Tempers flared. Bad day in general!

Things are much better now, but that's day 10's story.

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