Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Day 3

We made 130 miles day 1, 90 miles day 2 and 124 day 3. Not good but acceptable. We have motored a total of 28 hours. We have had wind 10-15 forward of the beam making 6 knots about 8 hours and 5-10 on the beam making 4-6 knots 16 hours with all 4 sails out.

We had our first mechanical failure last night, about 3 AM the windvane quit steering. After some investigation, under the mattress of our bed while healed at about 20 degrees and rocking, I found the problem. A pulley had worn out and then the rope that was running through it wore out. There was just enough rope left to hook it back up. I found a spare pulley too. So Trinda steered by hand for the hour it took to fix it. It had been making a loud squeaking that we couldn't locate. So life is better
now that it is fixed.

Still no fish. We have had a line out the whole 3 days but only caught the 2 skip-jack tunas that we threw back. My pole was on a plastic pole holder mounted on the hand rail. We must have "almost" caught a big one, because the pole holder is broken off. The line was all the way out and the pole and half the holder was caught on the life ring. Good save! So we put my pole away for a while. Early this morning we also rolled in Trinda's pole too. With no hit in nearly 2 days, we are just wearing out
the lure.

I made a big pot of pasole before we left. We finally finished it off last night. The bananas are gone today too. The lettuce and cabbage are still good for a little longer. The alvocados are going fast too. We had bagels and locks yesterday.

No body has been sea sick yet, though we ate the bananas too fast, hehehe.

There has been no land in sight for 1 1/2 days now. Sunny all time. A few sun burned areas.

We chalked the deck some more. I think we got the leak over the bed. No more wet Donnie. He would be really happy if he wern't so sore from banging around as the boat rocks with the waves.

I am getting used to checking in to the radio nets. Pacific Seafairers Net checks roll call every day at 8:30 MDT, and there are some local gossip nets for us out here.

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