Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day 21

112 miles for 2342 at 00 29N 132 32W (at 8:00 AM April 22)

We seem to be getting very close to meeting the famous King Neptune! Maybe after lunch of the 22 day!

Donnie put more eyes in ropes for me and made a new anchor snubber ( a pair of ropes to take the strain of the anchor chain).

Trinda worked on her needle point and the dodger windows some more.

We made water again. Seems a faucet got knocked by something and came on for a while. Trinda also did some more laundry, which uses water pretty fast. Then we changed all the house water filters. I had been almost a year this time.

I made a pot of beans and cornbread. Very tasty!

We tried taking some movies with the digital cameras to see if we could capture the motion of the boat. It was very calm so I can't tell much. I'll figure a way to post them if we ever get to a high speed internet.

We motored most of the day and the previous night. we are at a total of 97 engine hours. About 6 PM we turned it off and have sailed about5 knots since. Auto had trouble holding course through the night again, so it took more paying attention during the night watches than usual! Ha!

No fish! as if that were new. Trinda did se a sea turtle, about 2'x3' just swimming along the other way.

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