Saturday, April 21, 2007

Day 20

94 miles for 2230 at 02 02N 132 01W

At sun-up the wind came up again. We sailed a slow beam reach till about 3PM. We were making 4 and 5 knots most of the time, then it died. We put the sails away and were getting ready to motor again when:

Something new, Donnie and I went for a short swim 2165 miles from shore! Of course it is closer to Fata Hiva, only 983 mile from that shore. I don't know how deep it was as the depth finder only works to 1500 feet and it was just beeping. The water is about 82 and clear blue. I could see Donnie looking at the rudder, while I was at the bow as plain as if the boat was out of the water. It was so clear that when you look down it was still blue, not black!

Trinda made us chicken casadillos with salsa for supper. From the Mexican corn masa flour, Mexican caso seca cheese and canned chicken. They were good.

Trinda worked on the dodger canvas some more. I got the sewing machine out for her and oiled it. Not too much rust this time.

Donnie learned to splice double braid rope and put an eye in two of my dock lines. Now if I can get him to splice an eye in a couple of 3 strands for anchor snubbers, we'll be set to anchor again, assuming we'll eventually get to someplace the 300 feet of chain will reach the bottom again. I'm beginning to feel like Columbus' crew... we may have sailed off the edge of the world!

Just at the end of the day I saw a whale blowing about a 1/4 mile away. I only saw his back twice, but he blew 8 or 10 times. Also saw a medium sized Manta Ray about the same time. We haven't seen much wildlife this passage. Maybe we aren't looking out as much??

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