Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rock Islands, Palau

It is hard to get a photo of the many small limestone islands, so I tried a video. My first video, so that's why it is so bad! Ha!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Well the fine is paid. After 5 weeks of deliberation and other yachties breaking rules and acting out, etc. our fine was set at $400. A little unbelievable to me still, but I did pay it today. We, Trinda and I, believe in leaving a 'clean wake', no bridges burned and nothing left unfinished. However this round pushed my limits to the extreme!

It seems not all yachties feel the same way. apparently the fine would have been $200 if not for some rude, uncaring folks that had run-ins with the state Marine Rangers between the time I hit the reef last month and this week.

We are getting ready to head for the Philippines, in the neighborhood of Cebu City. It is about the middle of the country north and south wise. The first destination planned is Carmen about 20 miles north of Cebu. It is a small laid back place where we should be able to haul-out and do some anti-fouling painting and other boat work. We understand that workers can be had to do sanding and prep to help refinish the rest of the interior for between $1 and $8 a day. food and general living expenses are supposed to be low as well.

Several of our friends have already reached the Philippines, various places. We have been keeping up via radio. I broke my microphone cable today though. It had some corrosion and was getting intermittent, so I was trying to take it apart to clean when it came into in the wrong place.... always something.

We bought some extra diesel gs and fixed a place to tie them on deck. Then one of the built-in tanks developed a leak! It is not too fast a leak 5 sec/drip, but it fills the bilge eventually. The tanks were put in before the interior of the boat was built. We may have to remove the entire galley area and floor to get at the tank. It is 'black iron' or mild steel so it rusted through somewhere that I can't see. Since there has been no wind we may fill it and let it drip some so we have enough to motor all the way. I hate to though, as diesel is $4.51/gal here!!