Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 24

123 miles for 2670 and 439 to go at 04 38S x 134 27W

Not much today. We mostly sat and read books all day. Nothing new broke, nothing broke got fixed.

I made corn meal mush for breakfast. It is much like grits or malt-o-meal. Chicken, pickled beats and rice for supper.

ARE WE THERE YET??? We are all getting ready to be there! The GPS now is close enough to be able to calculate an arrival time. However, it is in the range of 120 hours to 80 hours depending on the speed. At 2.5 knots this morning it is 2 days longer than last night at 5.5 knots! ARG!

During the night shifts, we motored on and off. We hit several squalls. They mostly had very little wind or rain, but they showed up on the radar like big storms.

No fish.

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