Friday, April 27, 2007

Day 26

155 miles for 3021 and 141 to go, at 08 40S x 137 09W

Record day, our most distance yet, with 149 the previous record. We are getting close.

Squalls at sunup and sundown. 20 knots of wind on the beam all day. We have been making 6-7 knots. Then 25-35 knots all night. Auto just barely keeping up with a reset every 30 minutes. Next to the worst night so far as for tired, too rough to sleep, water leaking in everywhere and the boat rolling over too far so you can't move around without getting thrown down.

More gear failures. The water maker engine overheated today when I first turned it on. Seems that there is no cooling water or raw sea water coming in to make fresh water from. I could not find the problem. We have plenty of water to get us there. So after we anchor I'll have to look at it and make water soon afterwards. It has been 6 days since I made water so the membrane will need something soon.

We had another of Donnie's instant wheat-less meals. It was cheeseburger-macaroni. Trinda put in a can of that good roast beef instead of the hamburger meat it called for. It was purty good. We are both craving good ole bread though. Maybe tomorrow. The boat is leaning and bouncing too much to try to make it here, and the French are known for their breads! We are hoping to find spelt flour for sale here some where. Any body know the French word for spelt?

Not much else today.

No Fish, although Trinda fed another lure to one this morning. Her line ran out and as soon as she tightened the drag, the line snapped.

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