Saturday, May 11, 2013

Phuket Taxi Ride - You Couldn't Guess

We rented a taxi again and went for a little sight seeing. A really large Buddha on top of the mountain here. Yes, again that is our boat in the far distance in the bay. Haha.
Phuket is an island, barely, divided by not much more than a river width from the mainland.

The Big Buddha

Some really neat looking chairs

You ranchers might guess, YES I'm glad elephants don't fly!
Sorry about the pictures. The elephant driver is not in line for the greatest photographer, but he did try. I forgot my camera again. I thought we were only going shopping, but Trinda had other plans.

I remember reading stories about how uncomfortable the gait of an elephant is. I can confirm, after only a 30 minute ride, I was done!

You would never have guessed!