Sunday, September 13, 2015

Toe Rail and Chain Plates

Boat work continues. Currently we are replacing the steel under the toe rail that the sail track bolts to.Turns out it was mild steel and not stainless so it rusted away and let water start leaking in. The remnants of the 1 1/4 x 1/4 bar are the pieces laying on the deck. I now have to find some stainless strap and get it drilled and tapped to replace it.

Temmy and Donald taking off the toe rail and cleaning out the rusty steel below.

Temmy, Charles and Boom-Boom epoxying the topsides back together

Before the toe rail, I thought the chain plates were bad. They are fiberglassed into the inside of the hull, mostly behind cabinets. We opened a few places that had been leaking bad water inside. Here are two photos after opening them up. The stainless is not corroded at all. So I'll assume none of them are bad and just continue with the bad wood replacement.

Inside the starboard settee cabinet.

Behind the teak trim in the starboard liquor cabinet.

Behind the shelf in the tool room, almost finished repair.

This is the back room we call the tool room, all the way around behind the engine room.Supplies go on the small upper shelf and the Kubota goes on the lower one. The water maker membranes go under neath the shelf.

The new tool room shelves almost ready to reinstall the Kubota and watermaker.