Friday, April 20, 2007

Day 19

98 miles for 2136 at 03 19N 131 14W

We had a nice clear day. Around noon we had a 10 minute shower, but no winds. We were able to sail from 9 til 8 in the evening OK. Not fast, but 4 to 5 knots. Then it died and we motored through the night gain.

Rust had started eating on the corners of the solar panels. Donnie and I scraped and painted them.

With the rain, we dug out all the canvas and plastic windows for the cockpit. Some we haven't needed since leaving Seattle! They need a little maintenance. Trinda is re-working them.

Since the weather was so nice for a change, we grilled the last of the T-bone steaks for supper. Sure were good. Trinda fried the last 2 potatoes and onion to go with them. And we opened a can of green beans. I guess there will be lots of opening cans now.

Yesterday was laundry and shower day. Trinda washed all the dirty clothes and we hung them on the lifelines. I moved the spinnaker out of the shower stall and we all had a nice shower. Since we had been running the motor we had hot water in the shower! Of course, with the ocean at 82 degrees, hot water is not really that exciting, hehehe.

When I checked into the Pacific Seafarers Net Last night, they said a boat was near us who had engine problems. We tried to get more details, but no one on the net had any info. We marked the possible position on the GPS and swang by, but saw nothing on radar. It must have been old info. I hope that if we have a problem reported on the nets, they do better about collecting the pertinent info.

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