Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 17

98 miles for 1930 at 06 06N 129 27W

Well the excitement for the day was the weather. We had 6 rain squalls during the daylight hours, with 3 having above 30 knot winds involved. And lots of rain. Every thing is wet and now hot and sticky with the humidity. The wind dies back to almost nothing between the little storms. They are 4 or 5 miles in diameter by radar and last about an hour.

Eating is becoming more and more a hassle. It seems that every time I sit at the table, my glass of water finally gets dumped in my lap! Not Donnie's or Trinda's! Just mine! Since we turned more south, we are going down wind. The waves come from behind and the boat rocks violently from side to side at least once every 3 minutes. I made yakasoba noodles for lunch and we managed to eat them from plastic bowls and not spill anything except a glass of water. However it was so wet from the rain, nobody
noticed much. We ran out of propane in the first tank. So we must be using a good deal more gas underway than we do at anchor, as we usually get about 2 months. This tank (2 gallons) lasted only 20 days. I have another 2 gal and the standard 5 gal one on the BAR-B-Q.

More failures, last night Donnie woke me in the middle of his watch to report that the GPS had no numbers! Well sure enough it didn't. I do have 2 other spare ones, though not as nice as the built in one. One of the old ones has a removable antenna. We tried it's antenna on the good one and it works! So another save. And one more thing for the next store. It seems like I'll need a whole marine store in the Marquesas!

Part of the problems we have been having with the auto pilot and the wind instruments is they seem to be sensitive to low voltage. The new auto pilot uses more power than the old I think, and the radar is being run more. I had to run the generator last night during the squall to get the batteries up enough to keep auto online!

No fish.

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