Sunday, April 15, 2007

Day 14

143 miles for 1618 at 08 10N 125 15W

Our second best day. I failed to make a big deal about it yesterday???

Fishing was better. We thought we both hooked up the same fish. My line wrapped around Donnie's line but I reeled in faster, so we didn't realize he had something too. When I got the fish up, a small dorado, to the boat, it was off the stern because it was wrapped around the other line. He was dangling about a foot out of the water with the lines getting caught on the solar panels. Before we could get the net, he managed to break the line and steel my lure! Then we realized that Donnie still had
a fish. He and Trinda got it in OK. It was a nice yellow fin tuna about 18". The first we have caught. Other people seem to catch them lots, but we never had before. It is a light colored meat and very tasty.

Donnie and I tried a little sashimi. My wasabi powder was bad, and the new tube of already mixed wasabi paste was not very good but we enjoyed a small helping anyway. We baked/broiled one fillet for supper, saving the other for today. It was really nice. Donnie thought it was a little better cooked! Ha!

Auto did fine for several days, but last night it started acting up again. If we could only pull into a marine store and lumber yard for a few minutes, I'm sure we could fix it up. But we have to figure a way to make it 13 more days.

No more rain. The wind is up to 15 to 20 steady for a couple of days now. Maybe this is the trades? The seas still seem confused though. I had thought that in the trades the waves would steady out and be fairly consistent. We seem to have a large swell about 12 feet from the NNW that only gets here every 20 seconds, with a 6 foot wind chop from the north and a 4 foot chop from the NE both at about 4 seconds, but not in phase!!it all makes for kind of a bumpy ride. Every now and then they all get
together at the same place and make a splash the comes on deck or even in a hatch. Trinda and I both got soaked once good last night, her in the cockpit during her watch and me in the aft cabin bed!!

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