Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day 16

67 miles for 1832 at 07 19N 128 23W

Well it started as a nice day. We have been trying to get a little further south to start heading for the equator crossing. I guess we found the ITCZ.
About noon we got hit with a squall that had 20 knots sustained with gusts over 30. We had up too much sail, the main and the big jib poled out. It took over an hour to get them down. The sails kept wrapping around the stays and blowing hard. Then we motored till it settled down some, then put out the jib on the pole again and about 6 PM the wind and rain did it again so we had to take down the sails again. By then we were so tired that we just heaved to again. So it was another short day.

During all this it was raining hard too. Everything is wet, but clean and it is drying out some today.

We moved the clocks back 2 time zones, so now our 24 hour travel day ends at 8AM local time. We will have to adjust the clock 2 more hours when we arrive in the Marquesas.

No fish and nothing exciting in the cuisine either.

No casualties either, but lots of new bruises.

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