Monday, May 21, 2012

Coron Again

Well I did get a new camera, but I didn't really learn to take any more or better pictures. Here is an update.
I finally got the wind generator mounted! Only 2 years! It doesn't seem to make much gin!

Looking around the anchorage in Coron. The black boat is Greg and Grace on Shanghai.

Looking south is Denny from Jubilant in his dinghy and Walt and  Jane on Collisto.

We took a dinghy ride to the places we had gone on the "Island Hop" snorkel trip that I broke the camera on before. You can now see what I described then. hahaha.

Trinda does like to have her picture now and then.

Again! Twice the same day.

More of the dinghy ride and snorkeling. The water is really clear.
A day resort for the "Island Hop" guys. They sell cokes and such.
They sell cokes and such.