Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Day 11

130 miles for 1195 at 09 38N 118 35W

I decided that we weren't going to work on anything today. The auto pilot is holding a course of 240 OK all day. So we took a day of rest.

1062 miles from Zihuatenajo, Mexico and we see a bottle floating in the water??? We are apparently not the first to cross here.

A LOT of dolphins came to see us in the afternoon. We all stood on the bow for 10 minutes or so while they frolicked in the bow wave. We are only doing about 5 knots, so not a big wave but enough I guess.

Something caught a fishing line. Donnie went to get it, but by the time he got started at reeling it in, it got off with the hook and lure. I saw it back a ways in the crystal blue water, it was not a fish I recognize, so we'll call it our first missed wahoo.

We later fed them another and last of Trinda's special "Buzz Bomb" lures with no eatable results.

Auto steered all night with no resets. Things are looking positive!

We put Donnie's special wheat free Spelt flour away when h arrived. We can't find it any where. So this morning I attempted to make "Jim Williamson Biscuits" using Mexican cornmeal (Masca for tomales) instead of flour. They didn't rise any. We are trying to eat them anyway.

Our friends on the boat Marcy made it to Nuku Hiva Yesterday. They left 10 days ahead of us and had lots of good wind and no auto pilot problems!

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