Friday, April 13, 2007

Day 12

132 miles for 1326 at 9 04N 120 39W

I thought we were going to have a record day, but no, that is still day 4. Our friends on March had several over 160 miles!

Since the fish got all of Trinda's special lures, she didn't put out a pole today. Therefore, no fish. However we are continually throwing the little flying fish off the boat. About 15 today plus a 2 inch squid. I didn't know they could jump that high. It must be 3 feet up to the side of the boat.

The wind came up after midnight. We got up to 8.5 knots and then tripped up the auto. It took us 1/2 an hour to figure out why we couldn't get auto to hold a course. Finally I went back and looked over the transom and there dangled the oar! Duh!. Hooked it back and in minutes we were racing along at 7.5 again. But by Trinda's watch the wind fell off again, so we only finished the day doing about 4 knots.

Just relaxed and had a nice day.

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