Friday, April 6, 2007

Day 5

We made 103 miles for 579 total at 15 07N and 111 06W

Well we had our next failure. Since I strengthened the bungees on the wind vane, it takes a lot more force to pop it loose. About 3AM we hit something and it broke the whole wooden part off. So it was hand steering again. Until 10AM. Trinda helped me clean the "extra junk" off the boat in Zihua before we left. Guess what was junk? You guessed it, the old oar for the wind vane. Oh well, it was too small anyway.

This morning I went looking for a 2x6 aboard the boat, as there are no islands with a lumber yard close. I spied the side boards that we tie the extra fuel jugs on deck. We took one off and shaped it with a spoke shave. We now have an oar and self steering with auto again. Although it still trips up frequently. Twice in the last hour. I can't imagine what it is in the water that we are hitting.

Still no fish. We heard that our friends on Marcy just caught a 5 foot wahoo. Peter said that if he had known how good they were he would have been fishing a lot more. They also crossed the equator yesterday.

I cleaned up the wiring around the radio. Bad Idea! By re-arranging them, I got it so that it got feed back into the computer. I couldn't get e-mail for 2 days. I just re-cleaned up, and it seems OK so I am writing again! Ha!.

Trinda says she is getting tired, sleepy and not enough sleep. Its noisy all the time during her off-watch times. With not much wind a lot of the time the sails have been banging a lot too. The water is a beautiful azul (blue ) color. Looks very clean. We have "caught" 2 flying fish, one about 1 inch the other about 7 inches. She put the big one on a hook and drug it till it disappeared, but no luck.

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