Thursday, April 26, 2007

Day 25

148 miles for 2718 with 291 to go at 06 24S 1136 00W

Almost a record day. 7 knots most of the time. Auto held course without adjustment for over 18 hours in a row, then got confused with a 25 knot wind in a squall.

With continual fatigue and sleep depravation, creativity seems to wane... Again we sat a read most of the day.

Corn meal mush again for breakfast. A failed attempt at pho soup, the Vietnamese noodle stuff. We have canned roast beef, and I put in a Mexican "rib juice" bullion that over powered it the wrong way. We had bean noodles and oriental vegetables and wanton soup mix. But no fresh basil. It was OK I guess. We ate it all.

One more failure, the spare water jug that was supposed to be tied to the rail, fell over on a wave with sufficient force to crack another window. Now we have 2 cracked windows in the main cabin. It is safety glass, like car windows, with the plastic film between 2 layers of glass. Both cracks are in only one of the pains of glass, so they don't leak,,,yet!

No Fish. Maybe one bite, but he sit it out before we could even get to the pole.

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