Friday, February 26, 2016

New Hard Dodger for the Katie Lee

We are making progress I guess. The new dodger is taking shape. I hope it is not too big. We wanted more shade and protection form the rain.
Oh, ignore the dates, the camera is confused and I can't fix it. This is still 2016!

You may also notice the hull is not so dark green as before. Not to worry, this awful color is only primer. However we have not picked the final color, or even the scheme. We both want to stick with a green, but light pastel or medium bright green are the extremes. I plan to paint the trim teak with an epoxy paint a contrasting color. Thinking about a deep maroon which reminds me of the teak, or a dark forest green. Still taking suggestions about the space on the side above the rub rail that used to be teak. Should it be darker, lighter or the same color as the rest? The deck and cabin-top will remain bright white as before.