Saturday, October 22, 2011

Deck Paint and Non-Skid

We are getting closer every day. This week we painted the deck. First sprayed all the areas without a non-skid coating for 3 coats. Then masked it off and rolled on a coat in the non-skid areas. Next rolled and sprinkled grit in the wet paint. And last (almost) rolled a last coat over the grit.

There was a little confusion and a final spray finish on the parts that needed it.

Ready for the non-skid
Rico and Louie doing the really agressive non-skid around the main mast.
Its beginning to look white!
More grit in the paint.
Louie and some Ninjas.
Rico and a couple more Ninjas.
This Ninja mask, hahaha is a T-shirt over the head, looking out the neck hole and sleeves tied behind. The whole idea is to keep sun, dirt and paint off the head. It does make it hard to recognize Lyndon, Don-don and Randy though. They are a little more camera shy than Louie and Rico, who jerk their Ninja costume off when they see the camera! Ha!

Trinda is making chocolate chip cookies today. We are planning to make pizza this afternoon too. Meredith, our neighbor from the apartment may come to visit this afternoon too.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Home Improvement

My cousin Gary and a friend are swinging tools near Reno in a new venture,
Reno Home Improvement LLC And I am shamelessly offering a plug! The are also developing a website with photos of their work at Gary comes from a very gifted family line, with words, tools, metals and yarns of all the definitions I know. If you live in the Reno, Nevada area, check out the work of Reno Home Improvement LLC or call them at 775-224-9192.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Short Story

The boat is actually about 7 kilometers from Carmen and 9 from Danao. There are a few hardware stores there where some paint, wood, nails, sandpaper, paint thinner, masking tape, etc can be had. Any real supplies come from Cebu city an hour's bus ride away. Actually there are 4 hardware stores within 2 blocks just off the terminal square. Like Portales, except instead of a court house, it is the terminal for the buses, tricycles and pedicabs all in lines for each direction and destination.

No one hardware store seems allowed to have in-stock all of the requirements on any given day. In fact, lots of days come up short all together! I was after 240 and 400 grit sandpaper ("Only buy Nikken brand", the boys said) and on the previous trip 3 days before I had bought the last of the 240 in Danao. They were still out!

This means I usually walk the 1/2 mile out to the hi-way, wait for a tricycle (small Honda motorcycle with sidecar) 5 to 10 minutes then the 15 minute ride to town. They slow down by every pedestrian begging for passengers on the way. They usually take me to the terminal. I then walk the square back to the hardware store that I think has the best chance of supplying the days wants.

On one corner, just off the square, between two of the hardwares is a small motor rewinding shop. An older gentleman (older than me a few years anyway) usually sits or is standing in front. I always smile and wave or say "Maayung boontag" or "Good morning" as I go by. As one human being acknowledges the existence of another.

A while back he insisted I stop a minute and talk. Rudy, he is, was impressed that I always am rushing back an forth, in a hurry, but can find the time to say "Hi". He's a very personable guy with surprisingly good English. And so I rush on again after the brief introduction and visit.

A couple weeks ago the wet-dry vacuum dies again. This time the motor needs a new bushing. A friend had given me his old vacuum cause it had suffered an inept re-winder who broke the commutator. Ahh, an opportunity to patronize Rudy's family shop. So off to Danao again. I wander over to Rudy's, show him the broken motor and ask if he can get it repaired. "No I cannot. But I have a friend that is better than I am." and he not only gave me directions to his friends house, but he wrote an letter of introduction! I was shocked! But then again, I wasn't really. This was Rudy who singled me out because I seemed to respect an old man. Well I dropped off the motor and we'll see if his friend can get the part.

A few days later as I go by looking for tape this time I think it was. Rudy pops up, the usual greeting and I tell him about the motor. He insists I sit a minute, he has something. He comes back a minute later with a sketch pad and a pencil. Says he's going to sketch me. Ugly as I am, he proceeds with the below. I am pleased but I can't think what to do. With a friendship growing, I couldn't cheapen it with an offer of money for the sketch, so I just said "Thank you very much, kind Sir" and had to get on with the shopping. I stopped and picked up a few charcoal pencils and a new sketch pad, but that wasn't nearly enough so I took them home and thought about it a while. Then I noticed he signed his full name on the sketch. It was an easy name to do in wire, so I set to writing his name in stainless steel wire.

I hadn't needed anything from the hardware for several days, but today I got a ride in with a friend who has a car. I said I had an unusual stop but he could come along if he wanted. I presented Rudy with the wire, "Rudy C. Cal" and he was speechless. Says no one has ever given him a personalized hand crafted gift before. I thought he was going to cry for a minute there. Rich went on to the hardware store for his stuff and was back in a few minutes. Rudy was still so excited. He sat Rich down and did his sketch too. Then he recited a poem/love letter he had written for a writing contest. It was null and unusual, but no way can I remember it for this.

He finished the dedication on Rich's sketch then we said adieu and finished our shopping.

"Larry" by Rudy C. Cal

This is kinda like, "Remember to stop and smell the flowers along the way."