Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nuka Hiva - Day 5

A little slow. We are enjoying Nuka Hiva. There are about 25 boats here. The Polynesian Yacht service has an office here and they offer lots of assistance.

I have wireless internet access, but the server is extremely slow. I can't upload many pictures. They say when we get to Tahiti, it will be fast enough to send pictures.

My parts order arrived. We have not installed them yet, maybe today. More things have worn out. The impeller for the boost pump in the water maker failed. I ordered a new one from the marine store in Tahiti. It should arrive tomorrow. It is really expensive here. It will be almost $100 with service and shipping charges!

We took a jeep tour of the island yesterday. Had a good time and took lots more pictures. From a lookout at the top of the island we could see 2 of the next closest islands. We had lunch in a restaurant on the other side. A nice birthday present, followed by a pecan pie.

We have made friends with several more boats and caught up with some of the friends from Zihuatenajo.

Trinda is replacing the plastic tarp on our sun shade again. This time she is using sunbrella instead if a plastic tarp. It is to be permanent this time.

We are looking at leaving here in a few days to go to the next bay here, then off to the Tuamotus. We are trying to buy Donnie's return tickets, from Fakarava to Tahiti then Las Angeles. We plan to be in Fakarava by June 8.