Monday, May 21, 2007

Nuka Hiva - Tuamotus - Day 1

We packed up and left for Kauehi, Tuamotu this morning about 10:00. After 2 days of the mosquitoes eating us alive, we were ready to get out of there.

It turns out that Donnie is not allowed to leave the boat from Fakarava. In order to update my boat crew list, and for him to get exit permission from French Polynesia, he must leave the boat in Rangaroa. So we are heading a little closer to there than originally planned.

I should be about a 5 day passage, as it is 500 miles. The weather is predicted to be mild. We have motor-sailed the first 2 hours with only 6 knots of wind. The batteries need charging anyway.

We traded a beer and 6 fish hooks for 9 "popel le moouse", large sweet grapefruit, and a bunch of limes from one guy then 5 cans of beer for a stalk of bananas from some other natives (5 of them..) don't ever tarde for beer with a crowd, they all want one!

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