Sunday, May 27, 2007

Raraka - Tuamotu Day 3

We had a wonderful afternoon with the ex-chef of the island, his son the new chef and their families. Trinda made a wacky chocolate cake with fudge icing and fruit plate. They had baked red snapper and Tuna and bonito shashimi, Bar-B-Que chicken and pasta and rice. They loved the cake! So there was not anything that I thought might be "authentic" Polynesian food. But that is what they eat.

His son, the new chef/mayor is taking us hunting for coconut crab tomorrow. I can hardly wait.

Because the biweekly supply ship came tis morning, there was lots of beer. I forgot the rum for the coconut juice, so when I went back to get it, 5 kids swimming at the dock wanted to go. The loved the fast ride in the dinghy. So there was lots to drink. Very little English, but we all tried hard and mostly teased each other. The main joke was, "With 5 beers I can't speak English, but after 20 beers we all can all speak anything!".

I forgot to take the camera, so maybe tomorrow I'll get picture. Trinda promised to machine embroidery his name and a fish on a T-shirt for Joseph and make a pot holder for Lucette.

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