Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Raraka, Tuamotu - Day 6

We had a unique native reception at the teacher's house. Her class sang and danced to several native songs and then sang "Happy Mother's Day" in English to Trinda. The kids then gave each of us lays made of shells and lays of flowers and beautiful polished "helmet snail" shells.

The teacher's husband made a necklace for Trinda mande of Mother of Perl with several black pearls on it. He also made Donnie's wife Jeannie a tree on a shell, with shells and black pearls glued all over it. Over 25 pearls! Then we were discussing that Donnie is taking a plane. Seems a tourist is only allowed 10 pearls on the plane! Trinda may have to keep the tree too.

He said to come back today, he may make Jeannie a necklace and maybe a tree with fewer pearls so he can take it to her.

Then we had supper. Sashimi with legumes and coconut milk. That's carrots, cucumbers and onions. Also Chicken with other vegetables, but the chicken was cooked where as the fish was raw. Trinda ate it and liked it. We may make a raw fish eater of her yet!

Then they brought out a bottle of home made coconut oil for her. Then with coffee, they served homemade vanilla with an eye dropper. 8 or 10 drops freshened a whole "bowl" of coffee! They mostly use Nestle's instant coffee and several of them add cocoa powder to it. A very nice evening.

We are promised a large coco nut crab today. The chief's brother went to get it this morning and said, "Past mid-day". He would really like a little tequila for the crab, so I found a small coke bottle and plan to give him half of my good stuff. Also, seems his wife is not ready to be picked up yet, not today.

We need to leave tomorrow. It will be sad leaving such wonderful people.

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