Thursday, May 10, 2007

Oa Pou - 2

Spelling.... Yeah I had it wrong. I hope it is the last time I fail to spell the name of one of these places correctly! Ha!

We Had a nice pot luck last night. Lots of raw fish. Trinda made the ceviche and 3 other people brought fish, tuna and some kind of "yellow Jack". It was god. One local sauce was soya, oyster sauce, mayonnaise, catsup and garlic. Very tasty. She also took a chocolate cake, the wacky cake mix.

This morning we had to go to the gendarme to check in again. It turns out that we have to say hello in every port, even in the remote Tuamotu's. We are to find a policeman and report in so he can call the main office to say where we are. The office in Hiva Oa did not enter us in the computer. So we had to wait there while he entered all the info in again. At least it didn't cost anything this time. It was 62,700 cfp to check in using the agent. That may be almost $700 US. If we had known, we might
have been able to have saved a significant part of that. Oh well, its only money.

We went to the local hospital where they gave us, FREE, drugs for anti-elephantism. It seems to be a real problem here. We have seem numerous locals with large arms and legs and feet. We will take the pills tonight after supper, as directed. It is supposed to last for 1 year.

Guess what we are having for lunch and supper again? If you guessed fish, you win again! Yep, grilled dorado and breadfruit. The bananas didn't make it. We still have 2 hands that went straight from green to mostly black! They are good still, if after eating 7 hands in a little over a week, you can call them good. But at least not mushy.

A local guy at the pot luck is a craftsman that makes oars for the racing out-rigger canoes. He says he has some hardwood that should be good for my wind vane steering oar. I am to meet him at his shop tomorrow morning with my dimensions. He seems quite a character. When Survivor filmed on Nuka Hiva, they later needed some original music. The director flew him to Los Angles, where he wrote and maybe performed the vocal for the show. He said he sings more than is a musician. It will be interesting
getting acquainted with him. One of the other boats setup the pot luck at his house. They have been in or around French Polynesia for a year, but are now on their way back to Hawaii.

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