Monday, May 28, 2007

Raraka - Tuamotu Day 4

Well, the biweekly supply ship came yesterday bringing beer....
So the trip to collect the coconut crab was postponed due to multiple hangovers!

We had a nice day anyway. Trinda decided to use her machine to embroidery a fish and Joseph's name on a T-shirt. She spent most of the night and morning working with the sewing machine. Donnie and I got out the dive board. He is still grinning from ear to ear. Nothing like snorkeling in 100 foot visibility at 6 knots and able to pull down to 30 feet!n He had a ball, didn't even know the thing was possible.

Some local fishermen saw us going through the pass with an outgoing current and told Donnie he was absolutely crazy!

This after noon, we went to see Joseph and Lucette and took their pictures so we could print them for them. They were excited, I think.

Maybe we can get the crab tomorrow.

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