Monday, May 21, 2007

Nuka Hiva - Daniel's Bay

We got up at 4:30 AM to go to the fisherman's market. We were able to get some fruit and vegetables. We bought 1/4 of a wahoo and 1/2 a tuna the night before.

We got our "duty free fuel paper". It gives us a discount on the diesel here, from 125cfp to 69cfp/L. $1 = 84cfp, so it is a significant discount.. We took 336 liters. Gasoline was still over $5/gal. We bought groceries and headed for Daniel's Bay.

We motored the 4 miles over to Daniel's Bay. The chain got tangled in the anchor locker, so Donnie went down to untangle it. I was letting it out up on the bow. Just as we were backing up to set it, we were headed for shore and I was still fighting the chain. Trinda was in the cockpit driving and the shift leaver broke in reverse. I yelled for her to kill the motor and we decided that it was set.

We started taking the shift leaver apart to see what was wrong. Turns out the shift lever on the transmition had rusted so that it was hard to turn so the cable broke when we forced it. I looked around and found a used one that i kept when I replaced both the throttle and shift cables in 1999.

It is a quiet little bay, featuring the 3rd largest waterfall in the world. It is supposed to be a 2 hour hike each way. Donnie and I plan on it, but the trail is rocky and fords the river 4 times, so Trinda has elected to "watch the boat".

We were hot, tired and disgusted, so we decided to take the ike to the waterfall and fix it later.

I needed to make some room on my camera card for more pictures, so I deleted the ones I had copied to the computer.... Windows bites again!!!, it corrupted the card, and I lost all the pictures I took during our tour. I hope Donnie's pictures come out OK!

We had dinner with Bold Spirit last night. Trinda had bought a whole chicken and I made a blackberry cobbler that we took over to their boat . We grilled the chicken there and had a few drinks and played cards afterwards. A nice evening.

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