Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ou Pau

FISH!! Fish!! Finally. On the way to Oa Pau we finally caught a darado! A BIG one, maybe 53 inches long to the split in the tail! It took both Donnie and I to hold it up for the pictures. We already had caviche once and are taking it to a pot luck tonight here on the beach.

We left Hiva Oa about midnight and sailed through the night. Wind was good. We made about 6.5 knots most of the time. This morning about 8, he hit my lure. It was a 3 inch purple and pink plastic squid. We were only doing 5 knots when he hit, but we couldn't stop. It was 20 minutes before I could reel him up to the boat. Donnie had the net and Trinda the gaff. It did take all 3 to get him aboard. I also made a tray of teriaki fish jerky. It is not done yet, so reports for it will come later.

There are 6 other boats here. Also the inter-island supply ship came in just behind us. It is the same one from Hiva Oa. It is kind of fun to watch it maneuver into these little bays and tie up to the old docks. It took all day to unload in Hiva Oa, but only a couple hours here. They first unload their own fork lifts then the containers. Here they unpacked the containers and loaded them up again.

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