Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Rain Stopped

It has been raining for the past week and blowing 20-30 all time. This morning the sun is out and only a 4 knot breeze. It is beautiful in paradise today. Every thing is WET! We got nearly all the leaks fixed, but when it blows that hard and rains that much water finds its way in every hatch that is even a little open.

Trinda got most of the laundry done. Washed in ammonia and fresh water then hung out in the rain for the rinse. Then some hung inside to dry. Today I hope to get the rest dry.

We went over to Southern Cross for leftovers the other day, wine, cheese, popcorn, sweet potatoes, pumpkin (squash) and octopus salad. Very good evening. Trinda took the "Bop-It" and Pourou really had fun with it. He is a young Kiribati that they have made friends with. They are even considering taking him as crew fro a year or two, to New Zealand and Tarawa maybe.

We cooked up our octopus last night. It was nearly as good as Lorraine's.

Not much boat work done. I don't do well in high winds. We did collect lots of rain water. We filled one tank and the other is still 3/4 full. So we should make it til Bold Spirit gets here with the new membrane. It is in Hawaii at their dentist's office already. YEA! I was worried they would have to wait for it.

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