Monday, April 14, 2008

Fanning Update

Things have been really busy here.

We moved from the first anchorage to the same place we stayed here when we were here before, by the old sunken barge. Robby and Lorraine on Southern Cross are still here. We brought supplies for them and their mail. They were thrilled and shared some of the supplies (wine) with us! Bold Spirit is still in Hawaii.

The school teachers that wanted the bee hive came and brought a huge fish. They shared it with all of us. Then we had a picnic on the dock. We made plans to deliver the bee hive later.

Trinda's friends from the village south of town came and spent the day with us on the boat. We feed them some of the fish, rice and pancakes. They loved the pancakes and wanted to know how to buy them. Only in Hawaii we said.

Then the School teachers, Teetu and Ruby, came back and we put the be hive together. I took pictures, but who knows when we'll get them posted. It was a nice busy day. I'm not sure they have any idea about how to get the bees inside. They liked the books. Maybe when they read them they will figure it out!

It has been raining almost all time since we arrived. Good thing too. My watermaker died! I guess I rinsed it with chlorine water from the dock in Honolulu. It seems to have eaten a hole in the membrane and ruined it. I spent 3 frantic days trying to e-mail to find out how to get a replacement. Finally, Aquamarine Inc. is Fed Ex'ing a new one to Bold Spirit who will bring it down here, to arrive in about 2 weeks. They weren't sure which island they were going to first but decided to help us. Thanks
to them! We have been trying to collect rainwater each time it rains. Trouble is, the wind usually blows over 20 knots while it rains and blows the tarps up, spilling the water. We have collected about 25 gallons and have shifted to washing every thing, even the dishes, in salt water.

Trinda has been swimming with Lorraine almost every day. One day we snorkeled in the pass during the tide change and caught 4 octopus. Lorraine showed us how to beat and cook them. It was really good. We saw a large manta rey while we were getting them. Of course I forgot that I had a water proof camera, so there are no pictures of that on the way!

Chuck on Touroi, the guy we met in Christmas Island, is here now with a charter group of surfers and photographers. There is also a 25 year old girl sailing by herself on a 40 footer, Liz on Swell. She is a surfer too, so we haven't seem much of her. Hanging out with the young charter surfers.

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