Friday, April 25, 2008

Gulliver and National Health Day

Yesterday we went down to Aramari, the village 5 miles South we ride to, to pick up Gulliver the parrot. It was quite a ride for him. Bobby, the NCL island manager, took us in a small flatbed pickup thing. It was really rough on the road. Even we got sore and it was almost too exciting for Gulliver.

Today we delivered him to the Kwai. They are taking him to Christmas Island, where he has one month to be rescued before he is put down. It would really be a shame if nothing can be done. A vet and a gal from the bird rescue place in Arizona are flying to Christmas in two weeks to look at him. They are bringing a scanner to see if he has a chip implanted. If so it will be a free ride. If not, his future is questionable. He is quite the bird. He says "Hello" frequently.

Then we went to the central maniaba where they were celebrating National Health Day. Each village gave a contribution to the Minister of Health representative, or head nurse. The Kwai brought a Mr Carlton Smith who has been securing medical donations and delivering them to the Line Islands for the past 5 years. He's a Rotarian from Southern California and has been doing this mostly on his own. He has started a web site, It is a non-profit organization to help this
needy group of islands. He hopes some ay to get a light plane stationed in Christmas that could fly emergency missions to Fanning and Washington islands and also bring volunteer doctors here.

At the maniaba, the gave speeches in Kiribati, so we couldn't understand. Some folks translated a little to us. Then they had music and dancing. Here the women ask the guys to dance. Guess what, as the only odd ball white guy there I had to dance every dance. Trinda got pictures, but not in time to send to Eldon, so it'll be a while before ya'll get to laugh at me. Trinda danced a couple of times too. The music was all 60's and 70's rock, some of it was translated to Kiribati, but most was English.
Trinda twisted, but I just kinda rocked back and forth. Some of the old folks really got down! One of our past guests, Moscikatake, ask me to dance and another lady cut in. She turned around a clotted her on the head!, But I think they were friends. Both asked me to dance again later.

Ruby and Touta said they are stopping by the boat later today. we'll see. Trinda is giving her the avocado plants she started in Hawaii.

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