Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hawaii to Fanning - Day 2

10:30 AM 133 miles - 17 01N 158 01W
but it is 4PM now. The wind piped up to around 30 knots all day. We took in the big jib which we left up way too long, and are sailing with the staysail and double reefed main. Still doing 6 knots most of the time. The waves are confused but not all that big, maybe 10 feet on the beam and 6 on the stern quarter, so it makes for a fairly uncomfortable ride. We are both still a little queasy.

The radio and computer are too far forward, so it is hard to muster the courage to come up here and write, knowing I'll be queasier by the time I get this sent.

Trinda bought a cooked, sliced ham and if not for that we would probably be hungry. too rough to cook much.

Nobody feels like fishing!

The deck doesn't leak, but the open hatches and some of the ports I didn't get new gaskets in still drip a little. We occasionally get a splash in the cockpit from the bouncy sea or the top of a wave blown in. So we are still wet, but everything in the cabinets seems dry.

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