Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hawaii to Fanning - Day 7

126 miles, 177 to go. 6 40N x 158 44W

After a long day of 15 knot winds, just after dark we had a 35 knot sustained gust for about 30 minutes. It caught us by surprise, but no damage. We had just one reef in the main and the staysail up. After it finally died back to 20 or so, I put the second reef back in the main. It blew like that till about 6AM this morning, when it slowed back to 15 again.

We must be in the ITCZ or doldrums or whatever. There are threatening rain clouds all around, but we have gotten very little rain. It just started sprinkling again. Maybe it will finally wash the salt off the rigging and sails. Around each little rain squall is a set of winds blowing harder or softer, so we have to keep the sails reduced and go a little slower than we'd like. It is too nerve racking to have a 35 knot gust threaten to rip the sails.

We bought a boneless leg of lamb roast and sliced it into steaks. Last night we tried it for supper. Coming from the ranch, I realize it is sacrilege, but it was very good. We just pan broiled it with a little salt and pepper.

Trinda got out a fishing pole. No bites yet.

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