Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hawaii to Fanning - Day 3

133 miles today, but that was at 10:30
Is 3PM now. 14 31N 157 56W we are going nearly straight south in order to be a little up wind of Fanning when we get closer. Still 650 miles to go.
Lots of wind still. It is still too rough to cook. I'm still glad we have the ham. I hope I'll still like it in a few more days.

We did have a salad for lunch. The fridge is working good. I don't have a feel for the electricity it uses yet, but I think it is less.

Yesterday I charged the batteries and made some water. the water maker had been pickled since Nov, but it cleaned up ok.

We heard a fishing boat on the radio, but he didn't tell us where he was, just "southwest".

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