Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hawaii to Fanning - Day 5 & 6

Too lazy to mail yesterday ....
116 and 130 miles each, 300 miles to go. the GPS says day after tomorrow at night. Arg. I was hoping we could get there in the day light so we could go on in instead of waiting outside all night. But it may change as the weather changes.

The weather calmed significantly. We mostly have 15 to 20 on or just aft the beam, but this is not a wind that the windvane does well with. I still have not learned to balance the sails in this tack. We have been running with one reef in the main and the staysail and sometimes the big jib doing around 5 knots. If I could balance the sails with them all up we could be doing more than 7 knots. It would be more uncomfortable though.

I have been listening the the books on tape I downloaded an Wyndi's. I have finished several of Heinlein's and an Asimov. The little mp3 player I got is working OK, but it goes through batteries at an alarming rate. The Zune player Guy gave Trinda also does not keep a charge long and has to be recharges through the computer. At least it is not using up disposable batteries!

Still not fishing. Trinda saw some dolphins last night, the first we have noticed since leaving Hawaii. I was surprised to see birds almost every day. Just a few, but they are here 500 miles from land.

We talked to Bold Spirit last night on the HAM radio. They are planning on heading our way next week I think. Also talked to Southern Cross, our friends still at Fanning. They are looking forward to our arrival and their care packages we have for them.

Trinda started some potted plants while at the dock, 2 tomatoes and 3 avacados. They are not getting enough light in the shower, where they can't get any salt water spray, so today she has them hanging in the cockpit to get a little light.

The fridge seems to be keeping the food better than the old one, so even it it doesn't use less electricity, it will at least spoil less food.

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