Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Changing the Masthead ights

Several years ago I bought new lights for the top of the mast. Dr.LED lights were supposed to last forever. However, on the way to Aur last month another boat said he could barely see my lights 1/2 mile away.

So I searched the web and found some more that are guaranteed for a long time, Bebi Electronics in Fiji. He is a cruiser that "got stuck" in Fiji and started a business making LED lights for boats.I bought new ones for the top and new reading lights and a few to replace the lights we leave on the most. They are really bright.

I had to bring the fixture down and devise a way to install the new lights. The old ones had a normal base and just plugged in, but these only had wires.

While I was up there I took a few pictures. As usual, my finger crept into the best shot of the stern deck.

If you look close, you can just see Spike from Holokai on the bow, just to the right of the sail near the front. He was good enough to come over and help pull me up to the top so I could get the fixture down.

This is a view of Majuro from the top. Notice you can see over the atoll to the ocean outside. When we go ashore, we take the dinghy just past the big ships at the dock. It is not always this calm, usually there are ripples and waves on the water! Windswept is the trimaran in the foreground with no mast.

This is from bottom to top, Holokai, Moonbird, Seal and Hannoa.

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