Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trinda's Eye Exam

"Nothing serious to worry about...", he says, "It has been 10 years since the last exam so a few months won't make any difference. If we are planning on the Philippines next year, just wait and go then. No problem."

So we think that we heard that he can't tell if they are getting worse without the "now days, normal 4 tests" which he doesn't have the machines for. He couldn't figure out her old doctors papers because, "They're in this same form most Americans used to use. The exam results are mostly subjective, depending on which Dr. looked at them."

Trinda will continue to take the eye drops for a month and go back. He got all the info for flying to Manila for 3 days. Total cost there would be about $545 for all 4 tests, 3 days for 2 in a hotel, and taxi to/from airport, but the catch is it would be $2000 each to fly there!

He said the holes the guy in Seattle made are still open and fine. Her pressure was up a little at 17 last week but 14 and 15 today. 10 to 21 is normal without glaucoma and they want to see below 12 for post treatment glaucoma.

I think he was just playing it safe. He can send the Marshallese to Hawaii and they get it for free, so that is his standard practice for glaucoma checkups.

I think we'll go to Manila by boat some time next year.

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