Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We took the letters and packages to the high school and gave them to the vice-principal to deliver. He sad the kids were excited to get them.
Today I took a packet of cantaloupe seed s to the agriculture teacher there. He thinks they will grow, since they grow squash and something they call pumpkin. I hope so.

Then we were invited to meat the WorldTeach teacher's host family. Today is her host mother's birthday, 36. Her name is pronounced Katie, but spelled Khetty. We told her the boat name. She got a kick out of that. Trinda and I made her a mother of peral necklace and Trinda took the standard chocolate cake. We are invited to her niece's birthday tomorrow night (with cake of course).

Her husband is the doctor here. Wotje has about 800 people and 250 more students in the Northern Islands High School. This is the most populated Island we have been to. The president of the Marshall Islands is from here, so it seems the most prosperous too. There are quite a few cars and trucks. And the plane comes here twice a week. It was a big Japanese base during the war, so there are supposed to be lots of relics too. I plan to take a walk to morrow to try to see some. I did find an old 6 HP hit-n-mis engine like the one from Taroa.

I have promised to post photos of the WorldTeach kids when we get back to Majuro. I have been trying to take a photo of each one in their class room for their families at home.

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