Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kaben, Maloelap

The anchorage is on a lee shore, and the wind came up so we had to leave early, only one night. Trinda passed out the usual lollys, this time 2 boxes of Black Cherry Blow Pops. A big hit. All the kids lined up at the dinghy and a local man passed them out. Then most of the mothers got one too.

We met the WorldTeach here, Heidi. She was lonesome some and hungry for American food. We had her out to the boat for Louisiana Dirty Rice, corn on the cob and green beans. She was very happy. We also gave her a few bottles of water. She said the local rain water catchment has bugs and she is tired of boiling it!

I fixed a couple of solar panels and Trinda visited with the co-host mother for Heidi. SHe wanted recipes for bread and cake, so Trinda gave her a set of measuring spoons and cups (thanks Sherry).

We left about 4PM for Wotje. After a long slow motor boat ride we arrived inn the anchorage about 10AM. The fuel filter on the engine started leaking and before I got it fixed the fumes gave Trinda sea-sickness so she had a miserable time. We lost about 5 gal of fuel, but not enough to effect our trip.

We slept all day and will take the mail to all the high school kids in the morning. All the families in the other villages had asked us to take letters and packages to their kids in school here. The only other way would be to send them to Majuro by supply ship (sometimes once a month) then hope they get forwarded back here.


  1. HI what kind of problems do you find with the solar panels. They are suppose to work for such a long time I wonder what goes wrong.

  2. Thank you so much for letting Heidi send the email and having her out to your boat for dinner. It had been almost a month since she had any mail,and I know she was having a hard time. We appreciate your kindness towards her and sharing your food and bottled water with her. She wrote us and told us about it and is very appreciative of your hospitality.
    Allen and Shauna Jorgensen
    (Heidi's parents)