Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Anchor Chain

The good news is that the chain arrived, was delivered, the old chain removed and the new loaded in the chain locker. And it was exactly what I ordered.

BUT!!! di ya think I was smart enough to read the specs on my old chain before I ordered the replacement? Naw, I know what it is....NOT! I ordered 3/8 BBB when the old stuff was 3/8 high test proof coil. What's the diff, its 3/8" right? But each link is 1/2" shorter that the old chain so it doesn't fit the chain wheel of the windlass.

I spent the next 2 hours in a dumb state trying to figure out what to do. Then after giving up with the realization that I needed a new $600 chain wheel and might have to weigh the 60 lb anchor and the 500 lbs of chain by hand for the next 4 weeks in the outer islands. I was walking up to the store for none last item before we left, when one of the other cruisers happened by and I had to tell him my sad tale. He says he has an old windless he is trying to sell because the chain wheel is too short for his chain! We are trading chain wheels.

I have the parts apart and am having to do a little mod on them but should finish in the morning. Only one day late.

We took the boat right up to the dock to unload the old chain and pull in the new. While we were sitting here, we acquired 3 passengers for Aur and a load of freight. Never tie up to the outbound dock!!! Oh well, it will be fun. Spike and Anglia of Holokai, were also heading out today to take Spike's son on a short tour of some islands. But, the plane decided not to fly from Hawaii today so his son isn't here. They say he should check back tomorrow at the same time, maybe the plane will come then!

Life in the 4th world! ( that's in a smaller more backward place than the 3rd world countries)

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