Sunday, September 27, 2009

Airik, Maloelap

After a not very successful spear hunt and a "0" lobster hunt and a nice dinner party we left our friends in Tobal and motored up to Maloelap, about 6 hours. We stopped at Airik again. We saw our friend Romeo again and the ladies from the church group.

Trinda offered to teach them to make the blouse (cibuta from Kiribati) so they sat and sewed for two days. Anita was the main one. She was one of the ladies that came out to the boat the last trip and remembered Trinda's popcorn.

I worked on a solar panel and printed a few photos for them. We had 2 sets of folks out to see the boat, Anita's sister's family and Romeo's family.

We met the WorldTeach here Elayna and I took photos of her in her class. I'll post them back in Majuro. We had brought a letter to her from Michael the one inn Tobal. I sent an email to her family for her. We also brought letters from her to the WorldTeach in Kaben and Wotje. Just call me the Postman!

These kids have quite an experience. Most have just graduated from collage and not really been away from home. They get a few weeks orientation in Majuro, including a 2 week class in Marshallese, then get sent out to live with a family in a remote village for a year. They get to go back to Majuro for Christmas break. Most families have at least one member that speaks a little English, but sometimes that is stretching it! I don't think they are told they will be living on rice and fish and sleeping on the floor when they sign up.

Elayna is supposed to get a barrel of gas to use to travel around the atoll, but it is "lost" She is in a village with no scheduled transportation at. 10 miles to Tarao and 31 to Kaben. At least Kaben has an airport. However the plane has been broken for 3 or 4 weeks. This weeks' flight was the first since then and they only had passengers, a little mail and no supplies.

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